At IMPACT, we do various types and different scales of vitual events as well.
Furthermore, we also do follow-ups to extend the impact of your virtual event into real life.


An active live streaming that makes it possible to exchange ideas over a small scaled conversation.

  • Fan Club Gathering
  • Press Conference
  • Seminar


One-way(non-interactive) live streaming for event that is conducted without spectators at exclusive venues.
(Some interactive features available)

  • Product Promotions
  • Ceremonies
  • Stage Live Cast


Add-up services are available upon your request

  • Ticket Sales
  • Social tipping
  • Online Shopping

Real-life Events with follow-ups on promotions

We will help you make your virtual event attendees real-life customers.

Please contact us
if you have other requests.

  • Webpage Production
  • Internet Video Commercials
  • Vtuber
  • Talk Shows
  • Live Performance
  • Theater

  • Anniversary Party
  • Sports Day

  • Gaming Broadcast
  • Regional Revitalization

  • Promotion via Social Network
  • Quiz Contest