Business Reopening with COVID-19 Precautionary Measures

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, our business has been temporarily halted but we are glad toinform that from July 1 we will resume our business on a WFH basis. As we reopen our business, we will continue following precautionary measures set up by the authorities and make sure our staffs have a safe working environment to minimize chance of infection both in and outside our company.

【About our Covid-19 precautionary measures】
・Adaption of Work-From-Home system.
※Minimize number of in-office staffs by utilizing WFH and flexible working hours while keeping our business operative.
・Maintaining in-Office Social Distance.
※Avoid "Confined Spaces", "Crowded Settings" and "Close Contact" when at work and leave enough space between 2 seats.
※Installation of plastic sheet between desks to prevent air-borne infections.
・Adaption of non face-to-face appointment by utilizing online sessions.
・Health management by washing hands, gargling, wearing masks and frequent sanitization.

【About Inquiries】
Inquiries by phone will remain available between 11am to 5pm.
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